Holiday Gift Guide – Kinderfeets Review & Giveaway

November 24, 2012

Head over to New age Mama and win a Kinderfeets bike!

Do you have a toddler that is wanting to ride a bike? Then the Kinderfeets bike is for you! It is a balance bike with no pedals. They push it along with their feet. Perfect for getting your child started on bike riding. They are different from other balance bikes. Check out the features:

A Dutch inspired, low, step through frame which places children’s feet closer to the ground so they feel safe
An ergonomically designed seat and handlebar position to encourage good posture and maximize comfort
Foot-pegs which help children position their feet properly for cruising and to prepare for pedals
An adjustable, cushioned, washable seat
A variety of color choices in a chalkboard finish – nurturing children’s creativity by allowing them to decorate their Kinderfeets and truly make it their own
Biodegradable EVA airless tires
Certification by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) (the push bikes are made from the wood of fast growing birch trees and every tree used to create a Kinderfeets is replanted)
Kinderfeets uses minimal packaging made from recycled paper to further decrease the company’s carbon footprint
Kinderfeets has received the following awards/recognition: The Toy Man® eco-Recognition SealTM, The Toy Man’s “Q2 Top Ten Award”, The Toy Man Award of Excellence, The Toy Man Award of Recognition, The Toy Men eChoice Award, Creative Child’s Magazine’s 2012 Top Toy of the Year Award

Good luck


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