AutoZone $50 Gas Card Giveaway – 2 winners!!!

July 21, 2012

Head over to the Art of Random Willy-Nillyness and a gas card!

Autozone wants to make sure that you are ready for your roadtrips this summer. With gas so high, a few minor adjustments and maintenance can save you money. Things like checking and replacing oil and spark plugs at recommended intervals, can often improve fuel efficiency.

Some of their Smart Tips for motorists are

Trip Smart. Spend a few minutes performing routine maintenance before you hit the road with your family and loved ones this summer.
Switch to a synthetic motor oil. Consider a quality, synthetic motor oil like Mobil 1 Advanced Fuel Economy to help improve fuel efficiency and engine performance.
Check and replace vital vehicle components at recommended intervals. Regular maintenance can prevent costly damage, improve fuel efficiency and prevent an unwanted breakdown.
Check and maintain all fluid levels. Be sure your antifreeze is up to the task for hot summer temperatures. Replace it if needed according to recommended service intervals.

Good luck

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