LevAqua Shower Head – Eco Friendly – Review and Giveaway

March 11, 2012

Head over to My SImple Walk and win a LevAqua shower head!

This unique showerhead is digital! It has 9 digital settings. With touch of a button you cange your shole shower eexperience. It has:

Spray – full body surround spray

Massage – targeted pulsating spray

Combo – full body spray and massage combo

Eco – intense concentrated spray for up to 20% water conservation, only the inner part of the showerhead sprays

Pause – flow of water ceases. Press again to continue flow

Program (relax and energize/refresh – both settings run 5 minutes and use preset sequence of spray patterns. After 5min water flw reverts to spray setting

TImer – set for 5 or 10 minutes

ALso has a 5 and 10 minute timer for saving money on hot water and it has a Relax and Refresh buttons that have preprogrammmed spray patters. It requires the use of 4 AAA batteries (included). Just unscrew the battery door and insert new batteries.

Good luck


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