Heat Things Up with the Honeywell ThermaWave EnergySmart™ Heater! Review & Giveaway!

February 29, 2012

Head over to inRandom and win a Honeywell ThermaWave EnergySmart™ Heater!

The Honeywell HZ-850 EnergySmart ThermaWave ceramic heater uses ThermaWave technology to send quiet waves of warm air around the room. It spreads the heat more evenly than conventional heaters. Has Smart technology that regulates electricity flow based on temperature for precise temperature control and savings.

Other features
Digital LED lights show current room temperature and desired temperature
Energy usage indicator shows amount of energy used
High & Low fan speeds
Programmable thermostat
Carry handle
Tip-Over Protection shuts heater off if tipped
Overheat Protection Device
Extra-Wide Sturdy Base
Room Size: 120 Square Foot Room
Fast even ceramic technology with fan-forced heating for personal and whole room comfort.
A unique ergonomic design and quiet fan which allows a wave of warmed air to circulate your room.

Good luck

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